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Hudson River Run 2012 Statistics

May 22, 2012 As many of you may know by now, I completed Hudson River Run 2012 on Sunday afternoon, May 20th, in New York City’s Battery Park.  As I recover from the run, I am working on my detail … Continue reading

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Dear Hudson River: How May I Help You?

It’s been almost three months now since we issued our press release and began the Hudson River Run 2012 campaign in earnest. A lot has been accomplished since early January, but there is still much left to be done. As … Continue reading

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542,748 Steps

There’s an old factoid which estimates that in a marathon, a typical runner will take between 40,000 and 50,000 steps.  I remember the first time I read that figure – probably in an issue of Runner’s World magazine – and … Continue reading

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Caught Up In The Flow

February 22, 2012 There is a definite flow to the running process.  Every time I head out the door I can feel it, almost as a tingling sensation that surrounds and envelops the physical experience.  Perhaps I have this perception because … Continue reading

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Softness Underfoot: A Run Up The Long Path

February 5, 2012 As I look at back at my running log, I have to go back all the way to November to find an entry wherein I ran in my trail running shoes.  This isn’t an indication of any … Continue reading

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“Fly” Me A River

When I was on a training run in Central Park a few days ago I was thinking about something someone said to me when I presented the river run project to the Orange Runners Club on January 4th. After my … Continue reading

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Hudson River Run 2012: The Game Is On!

Well, we have an official press release now for my upcoming Hudson River Run, so I feel as though we crossed the threshhold and that it finally seems “real.” 🙂  And I’ve got to start upping the ante on my … Continue reading

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