So this is what it feels like to run fast again…..   Wow.

It had been so long since I’d run faster than an 8:00 mile that I’d almost forgotten what it was like.  For months I have been doing the majority of my running on mountain trails, where elevation changes and conditions underfoot essentially reduce the pace to pedestrian at best.  16-minute miles have become commonplace to me. And so it goes….

This evening’s run was unique in not one, but two ways.  Firstly was the speed.  Oh, the speed!  It felt strange, but also good.  A simple 3 mile scamper on paved surface, and at a 7:00 per mile overall pace.  Heck, I was feeling so giddy I probably did the last mile in 6:30. ;p

But also foreign to my senses was running in the dark, which I did tonite.  I can’t remember the last time I did a run in the dark..  It was probably all the way back in April, or perhaps even March, when I was training for Boston.

Back then, I ran in the dark because I had to.  Today I ran in the dark because I simply wanted to.  And with the holiday season in full swing now, there were plenty of flashing red and white lights to keep me visually entertained while I  did my best impression of the three-mile dash.  😉  Now in the cold air of December, I got a sweet wonderful whiff of burning wood, evidence of a fireplace in use inside one of the homes in the vicinity.

Along the way, I had to be a bit mindful of potholes, and storm grates as I turned corners, but aside from those minor distractions, the speed felt good.

Now, if I could only figure out how to run a 7:00 mile up a 500-foot vertical climb on the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail. 

Keep dreaming, Todd!     Keep dreaming……


About Todd Jennings

I am a runner, a father, a philosopher, and a writer. I am also a seeker. Among the things that I seek are beauty and truth. From an external perspective, I've found both of those things when I run in the woods or on the quiet trails of the mountain tops . With each new run, more truth and beauty reveals itself to me. And so I keep running....
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